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First Chinese award of TOP BRAND PV label

Suntech is the first solar photovoltaic (PV) module producer from China to be awarded the TOP BRAND PV label by EuPD Research.

By Kari Williamson

In the European sales markets of Germany, France and Italy, Suntech ranks amongst the best-known and most requested module brands from China.

Furthermore, the level of recommendation – a measurable indicator for customer loyalty and satisfaction with the product – is very strong compared to other brands, according to market and opinion research company EuPD Research.

In addition to high brand awareness among end-customers, distribution depth, which refers to a strong position in brand portfolios of installers, is also very high. This applies especially in direct comparison with brands of other Chinese solar PV companies.

The TOP BRAND PV seal was developed by EuPD Research in 2010 as a way of evaluating the brand management strategies of module and inverter manufacturers neutrally.

In Europe, the seal was awarded to Q-Cells.

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