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ITM Power to cooperate with Logan Energy on Scottish clean energy storage projects

In the UK, ITM Power has signed a cooperation agreement with Logan Energy Ltd, under which they will jointly tender for hydrogen energy storage and clean fuel projects in Scotland.

Sheffield-based ITM Power and Logan Energy in Edinburgh say that the agreement will help the two companies to maximise the local supply chain for Scottish projects.

Logan Energy will undertake all project management and after sales support for any plant installed under the agreement.

Scotland is a key location for renewable energy, with some of the best wind resources in the world. The deployment of energy storage is now seen as key to the effective utilisation of renewable energy plant, and will be a critical component of the future energy grid.

The ITM Power electrolysis plant will be a vital component in linking electricity generated from renewable energy sources to the gas grid and the transport fuel infrastructure.

The experience of Logan Energy Ltd – the European subsidiary of US-based LOGANEnergy Corporation – in delivering integrated systems will be invaluable to the relationship.

‘The necessity for energy storage technology in the renewable energy system means that there will be many opportunities for us to work together immediately and into the future,’ says John Lidderdale, Managing Director of Logan Energy Europe.

LOGANEnergy delivers turnkey energy solutions incorporating fuel cells. The company is responsible for the installation of 130 fuel cell projects around the world, representing an installed capacity of 17 MW.

Last autumn ITM Power signed a deal with the Dutch Fuel Cell Consortium to cooperate on developing hydrogen energy system projects for clean fuel and energy storage applications in the Benelux region.


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