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MaRINET offers funding for wave and tidal testing at EMEC

The marine research organisation MaRINET offers to fund access for non UK-based wave and tidal energy power companies, SMEs and research groups to the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, UK.

By Kari Williamson

The deadline for this round of applications is fast approaching – 29 February 2012.

The MaRINET wave and tidal testing funding scheme runs until March 2015, and further calls for access will be made during that time.

Matthew Finn, research and project coordinator at EMEC, says: "The funding scheme operated by MaRINET offers technology developers an opportunity to deploy their devices at facilities where they may not otherwise be able to secure test time.

"Our scale sites include berths with moorings foundations for wave and tidal machines, specially designed test support buoys which can measure and dissipate energy, and also an area of seabed for rehearsal of deployment techniques – which are a vital resource for developers seeking to prove their devices in the marine environment."

EMEC is a partner in the MaRINET initiative, a marine renewable energy infrastructure network funded by the European Commission (EC), formed to accelerate the development of marine renewable energy such as wave and tidal power. It brings together 28 partners spanning 12 countries and offers access to 42 world-class marine testing facilities covering all scales.

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