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US DOE seeking information on commercial readiness of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

The Fuel Cell Technologies Program of the US Department of Energy has issued a Request for Information (RFI), seeking feedback from stakeholders regarding the commercial readiness of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

In particular, DOE’s Fuel Cell Technologies Program is asking for industry information about transportation electrification using fuel cells.

Specifically this means onboard refrigeration auxiliary power for heavy duty road vehicles, fuel cell rechargers for battery electric vehicles used to transport cargo or passengers, and technology deployment opportunities for other on- or off-road transportation markets.

Higher volume deployments in emerging markets are needed for fuel cell costs to continue to decrease, and feedback on potential early market applications is being solicited.

By collaborating with industry, universities, and national laboratories, DOE’s Fuel Cell Technologies Program is working to overcome technological, economic, and institutional obstacles to enable the widespread commercialisation of fuel cells and related technologies.

For details see the RFI announcement for DE-FOA-0000655.


All responses must be provided no later than 11:59 pm EST on Friday 2 March.

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