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Telgenco launches 5 kW 48 V DC renewable energy generator

Telgenco of Cambridge, UK, has launched a 5 kW 48 V DC generator targeted specifically for renewable energy deployments and remote telecoms sites.

By Kari Williamson

“The Quiet48-5 genset has a number of features that make it ideally suited for renewable deployments” says Telgenco CEO Simon Albury. “These include an internal 48 V battery bank, a solar PV charger, and a secure remote management system that allows the genset to be managed and monitored from anywhere on the planet.”

The genset has an internal fuel tank and a 100% biofuel option.

“The 100% biofuel option combined with solar allows for green energy deployments to control a wide range of remote equipment including cellular sites, microwave communications sites, environmental monitoring stations and remote defence assets,” Albury adds.

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