So you're thinking of building a wind farm?

During 2011 we have run a series of articles looking at how to get a wind project off the ground. Get access to all the articles quickly here...

Wind power: from conception to reality – an overview

In the first of a special Renewable Energy Focus series looking at the key stages and processes involved in taking a wind project from A to Z, Gail Rajgor gives some rules of thumb that are vital from the offset, and takes a closer look at the all important issue of choosing the right site for your wind farm...more

A plan to succeed for wind power

Securing the green light for a wind farm is one of the biggest challenges any developer will face. So how can developers give themselves the best chance? more

Spotlight on due diligence for wind power

The more cautious lending environment means wind projects will only get off the ground once they pass the scrutiny of some major due diligence investigations... more

Finance for wind farms

When it comes to financing a wind farm there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Tailoring the right funding structure for a wind development depends on where in the world you plan to build, what scale of project you have in mind, and whether it's a purely private or community endeavour... more

Building wind farms (part one)

The precarious construction phase of a wind farm development needs careful preparation... more

Building wind farms (part two)

When it comes to offshore wind farms, while the basic steps are the same on the surface, the actual construction is quite different...more

What is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)?


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