Solar PV catchup: a perspective from 2011

Missed our 2011 roundup of PV industry insight? Access it quickly here...

Solar PV in perspective 2011

Part one: Paula Mints looks at the background of the great solar squeeze, pre Solyndra;

Part two: No time to panic - a solar history lesson;

Part three: Describing the relationship between supply and demand in the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry is no mean feat – especially when the industry does not follow the rules;

Part four: for thin film technology it has been a thin line between its popularity - and subsequent talk of its demise. Just three years back, it was projected to be heading towards dominion over silicon. Instead, it finds itself stalled at around 10% of the market...

Part five: While part four of this mini series showed that film technology has found times tough of late, crystalline silicon is expected to be the mainstay PV technology for some time to come.

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