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EU PVSEC: Saft energy storage for solar PV

Saft is showcasing its Synerion high-energy Li-ion modules for solar photovoltaic (PV) energy storage at EU PVSEC in Hamburg, Germany, this week.

By Kari Williamson

The batteries have been developed to provide energy storage for residential/community solar PV schemes for customers wishing to operate independently of utility supplies.

Synerion systems are designed to ‘time-shift’ power generated during peak production times – during the middle of the day for solar energy – to peak demand times, mainly during the evening.

This could enhance the value of solar PV systems as a larger proportion of the electricity produced can be consumed locally, so that only surplus energy is fed back into the grid.

Also on show is Intensium Max, a containerized megawatt scale Li-ion energy storage solution said to make renewable energy generation predictable and grid compatible.

It is a ready-to-install containerised storage solution that provides a complete, fully integrated energy storage system at the megawatt scale comprising Li-ion battery modules, power management and control interfaces, air conditioning and safety devices, Saft says.

Intensium Max can smooth intermittent renewable energy generation and reduce ramp rates, as well as helping to manage power flows within medium voltage grids, making solar energy more predictable and manageable.

For off-grid solar PV installations, Saft is show-casing its batteries and Smart VHT Ni-MH modules.

Furthermore, the energy storage company is offering its new, high energy, Evolion Li-ion telecom battery for solar PV powered telecom sites.

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