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E.ON inaugurates its first solar farm near Marseille

E.ON has inaugurated its first solar farm near the southern French town of Le Lauzet, some 150 km north of Marseille with a capacity of 5 MW and distributed across a 20 hectares area.

Due to the high levels of solar radiation at the site in the region Alpes de Haute Provence, E.ON is expecting more than 1400 full-load hours per year.

The solar power plant uses various modules made by different manufacturers including thin-film modules manufactured at E.ON’s recently opened production facility in Magdeburg, Germany.

E.ON will use the solar farm to test the performance and efficiency of different modules under field conditions.

Wulf H. Bernotat. Chairman of the Board of Management of E.ON AG, says: “The sun and its enormous power will play a key role in future energy supply. But this will only happen if we learn to use it as thoroughly and efficiently as wind and water. We have already been generating carbon-free hydropower on an industrial scale for a century. With wind energy we are also getting there. And we are now starting with solar.”

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