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English agricultural society educates farmers on anaerobic digestion

The Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) says anaerobic digestion is “one of the key renewable energy options open to UK farmers” and that anaerobic digestion is set for “big growth in rural Britain.”

In order to educate farmers on anaerobic digestion as a source or renewable energy, and practical advice on how to go about installing and using it, RASE is organising a conference on anaerobic digestions called Farmers Guide to Anaerobic Digestion on 24 June in Stoneleigh, UK.

RASE Events Director, Robert Merrall said: “Anaerobic digestion is a hot topic for farmers at the present time, and I am sure many will be considering building a plant as an option to provide an additional revenue stream. There is a lot to think about and this conference will provide an excellent starting place for anyone considering an AD plant, or in the early stages of planning one.”

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