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Applied Materials receives IEC Certification of “world’s largest solar panels”

Applied Materials’ 5.7m2 solar photovoltaic (PV) modules produced by its SunFab Thin Film Line™, using both single and more advanced tandem junction technologies, have been awarded International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certification.

The certification validates the thin-film PV modules’ performance under extended outdoor exposure.

Dr Randhir Thakur, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Applied Materials’ Display and SunFab Solar Business Group, says: “We expect 5.7m2 modules to become the standard for utility-scale PV power. Applying SunFab technology to ultra-large modules creates an unprecedented opportunity to reduce both manufacturing and installation costs, transforming solar PV into a long-term solution to provide the world with affordable energy from a renewable source.”

Certification was awarded by TÜV InterCert, confirming that the SunFab modules meet IEC standards 61646 and 61730.

“Applied’s 5.7m2 modules are four times bigger than anything we’ve ever tested,” says Sergizzarea, President and CEO of TÜV InterCert. “We made modifications to the laboratory and added equipment to enable us to test modules this large. Creating a PV product of this size that can pass all of the IEC tests while maintaining mechanical and electrical integrity is an impressive feat of engineering.”

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