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Solarplaza anticipates "PV oversupply this year"

Solarplaza has found that the top 10 solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers alone (in terms of 2011 announced module production capacity) could have met 2010 global module demand.

By Isabella Kaminski

According to Solarplaza, the world’s 10 largest solar module manufacturers would have been able to cover 100% of global demand in 2010, based on their estimated production capacity for 2011. The total expected capacity for these providers this year is 21.3 GW, according to research carried out by the research agency (Solarplaza published a table of the Top 10 of solar manufacturers with the highest estimated module production capacity for 2011 - as per 31 December 2011. All data was taken from the companies' respective websites, official statements and/or annual/quarterly reports).

Since the solar industry includes at least another 400 module manufacturers, Solarplaza expects an ‘industry oversupply’ this year.

Solarplaza’s overview of the production capacity of the solar PV module providers for 2011 has found that Chinese companies dominate global production. 8 of the top 10 manufacturers are Asian companies. The two non-Asian manufacturers, Canadian Solar and First Solar, also have important production facilities in China and Malaysia.

LDK Solar plans to increase module production capacity by almost 100% from 1.6 GW to 3 GW this year. It is closely followed by Sharp Solar and Suntech Power Holdings, at 2.8 GW and 2.4 GW respectively.

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