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Suntech releases new solar module for Israeli market

Suntech's new 300W solar module can achieve up to 15.5% conversion efficiency.

By Isabella Kaminski

Suntech has released the Suntech 300W Vd series, a new generation solar module, for the Israeli market.

The solar module uses Suntech's SuperPoly processing technology, a silicon casting and wafering process that produces high-quality multicrystalline wafers. According to the manufacturer, the solar module achieves up to 15.5% conversion efficiency, higher than the 13% to 14% efficiency of conventional polycrystalline solar modules.

The 300W Vd is a 72-cell solar module comprising 6-inch black square cells. The module features a +/- 5% power tolerance and exceptionally low oxygen content leading to strong resistance to light-induced degradation. In addition, the modules are built to withstand all weather conditions including 3.800 N/m2 (~270 km/h) wind load and 5.400 N/m2 (~55 kg/m2) snow loads – higher than IEC standard requirements.

The 6-inch square cells contain minimal oxygen content and achieve 18% conversion efficiency, according to the manufacturer. Suntech's in-house R&D and wafer production team developed the technology based on a hybrid wafer manufacturing process which combines the high efficiency of monocrystalline wafers with the cost-effectiveness and reliability of polycrystalline wafers.

James Hu, Suntech's President for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, says: "The new module delivers 10% more power than conventional polycrystalline products leading to lower balance-of-system and installation costs per watt. Israel's excellent solar resources make solar power a viable and highly cost competitive energy solution that can help the country move towards energy independence."

The new module series is available immediately for Israeli customers.

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