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UK energy investment plan to be revealed

Renewable energy will be a key part of the UK's forthcoming White Paper on electricity market reform.

By Isabella Kaminski

The UK is to release an Energy White Paper designed to reform Britain's electricity market. The forthcoming paper is aimed at reducing reliance on oil by increasing nuclear and renewable energy sources - particularly offshore wind.

The paper is expected to increase the proportion of energy to be derived from renewable sources.

Chris Huhne, the UK's Energy Secretary, has tried to reassure consumers that the plan will not lead to higher household bills.

Michelle Thomas, Partner and Head of the Clean Energy and Sustainability Group at law firm Eversheds, says: "The UK has a choice to make: either it remains dependent on other countries for its fuel source or it creates its own energy supply which, given that the UK does not have abundant supplies of oil and gas, is going to be renewable energy.

"Both options would be expensive but at least with an expanded renewable energy capability, the UK would be more in control of its own energy source than it would otherwise be. Hard facts must be faced now and very difficult challenges addressed if the UK is to benefit from a more sustainable energy supply, by which a more robust home source as well as a greener cleaner energy industry is meant."

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