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Top 10 efficiency solar PV modules

A list of the top 10 monocrystalline solar photovoltaic (PV) modules in terms of efficiency has been compiled by SolarPlaza.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

Sunpower sells the solar module with the highest efficiency of 19.6%.

In third place, Sanyo's solar PV modules are not based on mc-Si alone as its HIT technology combines a crystalline silicon cell with an additional amorphous silicon layer.

 ManufacturerModule efficiencyModule type
1.Sunpower19.60%E19 / 320 Solar Panel
2.AUO Solar19.50%PM318B00
3.Sanyo Electric19.00%HIT-N240SE10
4.Crown Renewable Energy18.30%Summit 100LM
5.JA Solar16.84%JAM5(L)-72-215/SI
6.Trina Solar16340%TSM-210DC80
8.CNPV Solar16.20%CNPV-105M
9.Yingli Solar16.20%Panda 265 Series

The ranking does not say anything about solar PV module costs, the relative cost per Wp power, nor cost per produced solar kWh.

Also, some solar PV modules perform better in real life conditions rather than in the standard test condition as mentioned on the certified datasheet.

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