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SolarWorld focuses on US and German sites

Following the sale of its shares in the joint venture production site in South Korea, SolarWorld is focusing on its production sites in Germany and the US.

SolarWorld, which manufactures solar power modules, says it looks to boost production at locations with the best quality, environmental and social standards.

The company is currently expanding the capacities at Freiberg in Germany, and Camarillo and Hillsboro in the US. SolarWorld will boost the overall module production in the production sites to over 1 GW.

SolarWorld is distinguishing itself from several rival companies who are shifting their manufacturing to Asia due to supposedly lower wage costs.

The transport cost from Asia to Europe and the US are considerably higher than the other way round, where container vessels often travel empty. Hence, SolarWorld will provide solar power technology to the expanding Asian market through SolarWorld Asia Pacific/Singapore.

SolarWorld is expecting a push for the European markets with the current legislation to finance renewable energy. It expects the highest sales growth in the US in 2011.

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