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ABB supplies wind energy storage to Falbygdens Energi

ABB will provide wind energy storage for Falbygdens Energi's power distribution network at a substation in Falköping, Sweden.

By Renewable Energy Focus

The wind energy storage solution employs a battery storage device to offer stability to the grid. The storage capacity will be 75 kW in cycles of up to one hour.

The wind energy storage solution is part of an agreement between ABB and Falbygdens Energi to develop technologies to facilitate renewable energy integration and the development of better grids.

Falbygdens Energi CEO, Lars Ohlsson, says: "This innovative storage solution will make it possible to store wind energy during the night when demand is low and distribute it to users during the day. As part of this pilot, we will also study the feasibility of the stored energy to be deployed as auxiliary power for charging of electrical vehicles.”

Falbygdens Energi is a subsidiary of Göteborgs Energi

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