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OPT’s wave device outperforms in tests

Ocean Power Technologies Inc (OPT) says the first of its utility-scale PB150 PowerBuoy wave power device has performed better-than-expected in initial results from tests off the coast of Scotland.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

The 150 kW wave power device was deployed in April for ocean trials, which are expected to continue for an additional one to two months.

Wave conditions encountered have included storm waves, and electrical power generated by the PB150 wave power unit has included peaks of over 400 kW, OPT says.

Average electrical power of 45 kW was generated at wave heights as low as 2 m.

Dr Philip R. Hart, Chief Technology Officer of OPT, says: "The overall system performance has exceeded our expectations, and the energy production capability of the PowerBuoy demonstrates its ability to produce utility-grade power in dynamic wave conditions around the world."

Charles F. Dunleavy, CEO of OPT, adds: "The excellent operating results and power generation of the PB150 are important milestones for our PowerBuoy technology, as OPT pursues planned projects elsewhere in the UK, Europe and beyond. We are grateful for the support this project has received from the Scottish Government, and the participation of various suppliers in the UK and Europe. In addition, the combined effort of OPT's engineering, manufacturing and marine operations team has demonstrated the strength of the PowerBuoy brand."

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