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Genencor introduces Accellerase TRIO biofuel enzyme

Genencor has launched Accellerase TRIO, an enzyme which could help producing cellulosic ethanol biofuel from several non-food feedstocks and municipal solid waste more cost-effectively.

By Renewable Energy Focus

Genencor CEO, Tjerk de Ruiter says: “Second-generation biofuels offer important energy security, as well as economic and environmental benefits to countries such as the US, China, India and European nations that import a majority of their oil. Accellerase TRIO can accelerate the commercial production of cellulosic biofuels, helping many countries and companies find a more sustainable alternative to petroleum.”

Accellerase TRIO permits a low enzyme dosage to manufacture ethanol, helping enhance the economics of cellulosic biofuel production. The product, offers a 'cocktail' of enzymes to break down the glucan (C6) and xylan (C5) in the biomass feedstock into fermentable sugars, optimising the ethanol yield per unit of feedstock.

Accellerase TRIO is said to work with many renewable feedstocks enabling producers choose nonfood crops and municipal solid waste. The enzyme product could help bolster overall production by reducing viscosity.

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