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AREVA Solar part of 250 MW Australian solar project

AREVA Solar, CS Energy and Wind Prospect CWP’s 250 MW Solar Dawn has been selected as the preferred solar thermal power project in Round 1 of the Australian Government’s Solar Flagships Program.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

Solar Dawn is a solar thermal gas hybrid power plant, and the Australian Commonwealth and Queensland Governments also announced their commitment to contribute A$464 million and A$75m, respectively, to the solar thermal project.

It will be located in South West Queensland, and will use AREVA Solar’s Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) solar thermal technology.

The solar steam generators will be coupled with a gas boiler back-up system.

AREVA Renewables CEO, Anil Srivastava, says: “Once completed, the proposed project will be the largest of its kind and one of the most environmentally responsible power production plants in the world. Its innovative, yet simple hybrid design will deliver energy as needed, even when the sun isn’t shining.”

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