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Scotland backs large-scale solar deal

The Scottish Government has backed a 1 MW ISIS Solar solar power deal in Scotland.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

ISIS Solar has finalised its first large-scale funded solar power deal in Scotland with the Borders Machinery Ring, which has a membership of over 850 rural businesses in Southern Scotland.

The deal has seen an initial £2 million raised, which will be used by ISIS solar to offer solar arrays up to 50 kW at no cost, or alternatively through conventional sales. The deal with Borders Machinery Ring will immediately cover the costs of the first 1 MW installed which the company expects to increase to 10 MW in the future.

The initial sum will be made available to around 20 applicants but this is likely to exceed 100 within weeks, ISES Solar says. Thereafter the intention is to offer this to a wider Scottish audience.

Fergus Ewing, Scottish Energy Minister, says: “The Scottish Government’s 100% renewable electricity target will be met by making the most of all of Scotland's renewable resources, including solar energy. I welcome initiatives such as this which will allow households and businesses in Scotland to take advantage of the feed-in tariffs to significantly reduce their energy bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to Scotland's low carbon future.”

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