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Industry welcomes New South Wales solar move

Australia's Clean Energy Council has welcomed a Government decision to honour support for household solar systems.

By Isabella Kaminski

Households with solar power system connections in New South Wales will receive a solar rebate of AUS$0.60/kWh for feeding power into the grid, rather than the AUS$0.40/kWh previously announced. More than 120,000 households in New South Wales will be affected.

The Clean Energy Council, the peak body for the renewable energy industry in Australia, has welcomed the move from the New South Wales Government.

Matthew Warren, Chief Executive of the Clean Energy Council, says: “The new Government has inherited a difficult situation, but it has honoured the investment of solar households while working hard to ensure the development of this important emerging clean energy industry. The retention of the 60 cent gross feed-in tariff is great news for those households which have made the commitment to generating clean solar energy from their homes."

Warren adds that it was crucial the Government finished the job with the development of a long-term strategy to sustainably develop solar energy in New South Wales.

"Solar panels will be the Hills Hoist of the 21st century. It is important to ensure we have a safe and efficient industry to deliver this as the cost of the technology continues to fall and the cost of electricity continues to increase. The industry has come a long way in a short time. The Clean Energy Council has been working closely with the government throughout this process towards the best outcome for the industry," he says.

"The primary objective now is to ensure this exciting transformation in clean energy is delivered affordably, efficiently, safely and responsibly."

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