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Metso to supply biomass plants in France

Five biomass plants in France will use Metso technology as part of the national green energy programme.

By Isabella Kaminski

Metso is to supply five biomass plants in France with automation and environmental technology The plants are being built by Dalkia and are part of France's national green energy programme, which aims to reduce national carbon emissions.

The first biomass plant will be built in Limoges and is due to start up in February 2012. The rest in Angers, Orleans, Tours and Rennes will be completed later in 2012.

The Limoges biomass plant will have a capacity of 7.5 MWe of electricity and 17 MWth of district heat. It will supply electricity to the national grid and district heat to the neighbouring urban areas in Limoges.

Metso will supply a DNA distributed control system and an emission monitoring/reporting system for gas emission control.

Metso previously supplied another of Dalkia's biomass plants in Facture, France. Dalkia says it plans to standardise the automation systems at all these 6 plants to save construction, operation and maintenance, spare parts and staff training costs.

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