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Electric cars in Adelaide can recharge using fuel cell power

The South Australian state government and Adelaide City Council have installed an electric vehicle charging station at the city’s Central Market car park, that is powered by low-emissions electricity from a solid oxide fuel cell system supplied by Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd.

The installation is believed to be the world’s first fuel cell powered public EV charging station.

The Ceramic Fuel Cells BlueGen gas-to-electricity generation unit enables city shoppers to recharge their electric vehicles from low-emission sources rather than carbon-intensive power from the electricity grid.

The new station is free to users, and can charge two vehicles at a time.

The ChargePoint recharging station’s BlueGen solid oxide fuel cell – the first such unit installed in South Australia – will be able to generate at least 12.5 MWh of clean electricity per annum.

This is enough to power to the average South Australian home and two electric cars travelling 15 000 km each per year. Excess power not required for vehicle recharging will be fed into the grid.


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