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Conergy solar modules pass large hailstone test

Conergy’s PowerPlus solar module has passed a large hailstone test at the Institute of Cetecom ICT.

The hailstone test included a bombardment of the solar modules in 11 different locations with 25 mm diameter hailstones at impact speeds of 82.8 km/h, as outlined in Standard IEC 61215 Ed. 2.

The Conergy solar modules were also tested with hailstones of over twice the diameter at much higher impact speeds.

The solar modules were able to withstand 55 mm diameter hailstones, which impacted the solar modules at 122 km/h.

“We were not able to find any effects at the examinations of the modules,” says Wilfried Latz, Head of the photovoltaics laboratory at Cetecom ICT Services GmbH.

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