Sunways solar BIPV system at Frankfurt office building

Sunways is installing solar building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) at WestendGate in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

WestendGate is said to be the first office tower in Frankfurt featuring façade-integrated solar BIPV modules over the whole height of the building.

The solar BIPV system consists of 10,500 emerald-green Sunways Solar Cells (monocrystalline silicon solar cells, format 125 x 125 mm in glass-glass design modules with enamel backs) and several Sunways Solar Inverters. It has a capacity of 22 kWp.

"This impressive project is something that everyone involved can be proud of. It reinforces my own and my colleagues’ conviction that our innovative capacity and the consistent focus on customised, design-oriented PV solutions offers a good basis for further successful growth of Sunways in building-integrated photovoltaics," says Michael Wilhelm, Chairman of the Management Board of Sunways AG.

The building has three wings and a height of 159 m, and was erected in 1976.

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