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OpenHydro tidal turbine recovered – blades missing

Nova Scotia Power and OpenHydro have recovered OpenHydro’s demonstration tidal turbine from the Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy, Canada, following loss of turbine blades.

James Ives, CEO at OpenHydro says: “We have completed an initial assessment of the turbine as it was being recovered. The structure appears to be in excellent condition overall and, consistent with the images we obtained this summer, we now know that all of the blades are missing from the centre of the unit.

“It’s too early to be certain but it appears this is the result of the tidal regime being much stronger than we initially believed. A detailed engineering analysis will give us more information and guide the next design and deployment.”

However, the experience is portrayed as a positive thing by both OpenHydro and Nova Scotia Power.

Mark Savory, Vice President Technical and Construction Services, Nova Scotia Power, says: “What we understand from our experience with this deployment will be invaluable as we work toward commercial tidal generation in the Bay of Fundy.”

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