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  • Looking at biogas in Central Europe
    Biogas could be an important part of EU’s 2020 targets for renewable energy, and the EU project Sustainable and Innovative European Biogas Environment (SEBE) is now looking at technology and regulatory frameworks for biogas.
  • ENER-G wastewater biogas project in Hungary
    ENER-G’s Hungarian subsidiary has designed and built a €2.6 million wastewater biogas centre at the Budapest wastewater treatment plant in Csepel.
  • Biogas to power Chesterfield vehicles
    Sheffield City Council, UK, is to conduct a demonstration running light vans and other council vehicles on biomethane with infrastructure supplied by Chesterfield BioGas.
  • Biogas markets on the upswing
    The biogas plant market is on the upswing, with Germany to lead production in 2010, according to analyst Frost & Sullivan.
  • Europe adopts report on biomass sustainability
    The European Commission has adopted a report on sustainability requirements for the use of solid biomass and biogas in electricity, heating and cooling, concluding that more detailed legislation is not necessary at this stage.


VERBIO biogas plant feeds into German grid

VERBIO Vereinigte Bioenergie AG’s biogas plant in Zörbig, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, is now feeding into MITGAS Netz’ high pressure gas grid.

The €40 million biogas plant can deliver 2500 m3 of biogas per hour, and when fully completed, the biogas plant is expected to deliver 370 GWh of biogas into the natural gas grid.

The biogas is made from agricultural waste.

Dirk Benndorf, Managing Director at MITGAS Netz, says: “In Saxony-Anhalt, the Zörbig plant is the third that we’ve connected to our high pressure gas grid. Because the volume of renewable energies is increasing thanks to political support, there will be more plants to follow.”

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