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Schneider Electric launches solar inverters in Ontario

Schneider Electric’s Renewable Energies Business is launching its Xantrex™ GT100 600, GT250 600, and GT500 600 Grid Tie Solar Inverters in Q1 of 2011 to the Ontario market.

The solar inverters, for the commercial building market, include internal transformers allowing grid connections to 600 Vac.

“Through our existing Ontario facilities, Schneider Electric was in a position to quickly respond to customer demand for FIT-compliant products this year,” says Rudy Wodrich, Commercial Vice President, Schneider Electric.

“In the next few months we will expand our offering with re-engineered inverters for the Canadian market.”

The solar inverters

The Xantrex GT500 600 is a grid tie solar inverter with an estimated CEC efficiency of 96.5%, a redesigned enclosure for more reliability, and a two-section design with inverter and DC section in one cabinet and transformer and AC section in another.

The Xantrex GT100 and GT250 are grid tie solar inverters with an estimated CEC efficiency of 96%, and are a single cabinet design with the isolation transformer integrated in the enclosure.

The inverters includes AC and DC disconnects, a night-time disconnect design to help prevent transformer magnetising current losses and soft start circuit to help reduce transformer inrush.

They can be installed indoors or outdoors and includes space heaters for low temperature applications, and are available with optional DC combiner boxes with numerous fuse and breaker options and string monitoring options.

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