EU to review solar PV exemption from RoHS Directive

The European Commission is set to review the exemption for the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry from the RoHS Directive for dangerous substances.

Solar PV companies are welcoming the possibility of including solar PV in the RoHS Directive to support the safe and sustainable growth of the industry.

The next full recast of the RoHS Directive will take place within 10 years. However, environmental, health and safety concerns about certain substances which are used in some solar PV technologies still exist.

The European Commission as well as major political groups in the European Parliament have clearly expressed their intention to review the Directive within three years.

As solar PV is a green technology helping the EU to achieve its environmental goals, the industry should meet the EU's requirements on environmental protection and consumer safety. The undersigning companies welcome the European Commission's announcement that it will review the scope of RoHS and its interest in initiating legislative action if needed.

Supporting solar PV companies include:

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