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Ceres Power demonstrates wall-mounted natural gas CHP solid oxide fuel cell product

Ceres Power has successfully demonstrated its integrated, wall-mounted combined heat and power (CHP) product at its solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) mass manufacturing facility in Horsham, UK.

Ceres Power demonstrated the fuel cell CHP product operating in representative home-like environments, including a kitchen and the company’s installer training area at its production facility in Horsham. The CHP product used standard boiler connections for gas, water, and electricity.

Operating on mains natural gas, the fuel cell product ran autonomously to generate power on demand, exporting and importing electricity to and from the grid as needed. It also delivered representative domestic hot water and space heating needs, responding to calls for heat from a standard room thermostat.

‘Being able to generate electricity on demand is a valuable differentiator enabled by our unique technology,’ says Peter Bance, CEO of Ceres Power. ‘We are now focusing operationally on installing our CHP products in consumers’ homes as part of the commercial field trials in conjunction with British Gas.’

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SteveBarrett said

04 October 2010
The product demonstration was for Ceres Power's development partner and customer, British Gas, and is another milestone on the path to commercialising this technology. The field trials - reported by FuelCellToday and also in Fuel Cells Bulletin - are taking longer to begin than originally anticipated, but the roll-out to the wider market is expected in 2012. So both statements are correct at this stage.

Efried said

02 October 2010
Fuellcelltoday said in July
"Ceres Power says the trials for its fuel cell boiler have been delayed and it will not be on the mass market until mid 2012."

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