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Centrosolar reaches 200 MWp solar module capacity

Centrosolar Sonnenstromfabrik, a subsidiary of Centrosolar Group AG, has increased its manufacturing capacity from 155 MWp to almost 200 MWp.

"With an output of up to 4000 photovoltaic modules per day, our Sonnenstromfabrik is one of the largest module plants in Europe," says Dr Alexander Kirsch, CEO of Centrosolar.

"Thanks to our production processes derived from the automotive industry, we definitely rank as one of the best-quality manufacturers and therefore among the most efficient."

The 13,000 m2 solar module production facility has now reached its physical limits, however, and expansion will be needed.

"We may soon have to think about erecting a second production building. Land and labour are available. And we clearly have ample sales opportunities. With appropriate support from our financial partners and the state, further growth is possible," says Ralf Hennigs, Sonnenstromfabrik's Managing Director.

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