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Husum: Gamesa launches G9X 2 MW wind turbine platform

Gamesa presented its latest wind turbine platform, the G9X-2.0 MW, at Husum WindEnergy in Germany this week.

The G9X platform has four different rotor size options (diameters of 80, 87, 90 and 97 m).

Part of the platform is the G97-2.0 MW Class IIIA wind turbine, specially designed for low wind sites. Gamesa expects over half of the demand for the 2 MW category to come from Class IIIA.

The G97 wind turbine has a sweep area 16% larger than the existing G90, coupled with an increase in energy output of almost 14%, Gamesa says.

It also features a new aerodynamic blade tip design using fibreglass, carbon fibre and prepregs, and the Gamesa NRS® control system to ensure to maximum output at minimum noise.

New 4.5 MW wind turbine

Gamesa also gave a preview of its new G10X-4.5 MW platform and the G128-4.5 MW wind turbine.

Gamesa plans to go into pre-production in 2011 and to start up assembly line production in 2012.

The G10X-4.5 MW wind turbine has a 128 m diameter rotor and a 120 m hybrid tower made of cement and steel.

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