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Husum: Finnish cooperation on wind turbine power train solutions

Wind turbine gear manufacturer, Moventas, and The Switch, a supplier of permanent magnet generators and converters, have developed a new power train solution for wind turbines.

The two Finnish companies introduced FusionDrive at Husum WindEnergy in Germany this week. The product combines a Moventas gear and a permanent magnet generator from The Switch, but in a smaller size and lighter weight compared to other wind turbine power trains, according to Moventas and The Switch.

“The lower the nacelle weight, the more cost competitive the turbine. Nacelle weight relates directly to both foundation and construction costs of the turbine as well as manufacturing, transport and assembly costs in the whole supply chain,” says Jukka Jäämaa, Moventas CEO & President.

The FusionDrive has good alignment between gear stages and generator, and an integrated lubrication system simplifying the nacelle structural design. It also has a low number of bearings, low cogging torque and the construction with no current passage through bearings, slip-rings or rotor windings.

FusionDrive is designed on a scalable platform that extends from 3 MW to offshore class.

“For wind park owners, reliability in practice means high availability and lower operation and maintenance costs. In addition, FusionDrive guarantees optimised efficiency, even at partial loads,” adds Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen, CEO of The Switch.

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