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Smart grid opportunities in Europe

Smart grid opportunities in Europe could be worth almost US$0.5 billion in new annual business opportunities by 2015 driven by the EU energy policy requirements on renewable energy and interconnection of grids.

This is the findings of NanoMarkets' Smart Grid Analysis group’s report on smart grid opportunities in Europe. NanoMarkets projects that high-voltage transmission, FACTS, transformers, distribution automation and management, energy storage and smart meters will generate value.

NanoMarkets' smart grid report predicts that there will be a surge in sales of utility class energy storage systems, FACTS systems and high-voltage transmission systems. For example, smart grid storage systems, a very small market at the present time, are expected to generate US$1.2bn in sales in Europe by 2015. High-voltage DC transmission system sales in the region are also expected to double by that year.

The EU also has ambitious plans for smart metering and wants 80% of all European homes to have smart meters installed by 2020 and so the European smart meter market is expected to reach US$1.3bn by 2015.

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