The current N series has connected cells with two tabs whereas the new HIT-N235SE10 uses three tabs which reduces the electrical losses in the cell fingers. In addition to this, through designing new thinner tabs, the effective area is enlarged to capture more sunlight and realize an improvement in efficiency.

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SANYO solar PV module reaches 21.1% efficiency

SANYO's newest product in its HIT® N-Series of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules has recorded a cell efficiency of 21.1% with a module output of 235 W.

The SANYO HIT-N235SE10 solar PV module has achieved a 18.6% efficiency through adopting 21.1% efficiency HIT cells, new tab design and anti-reflection coated glass.

This provides an 8.7% increase in efficiency over and above the 17.1% available through the HIP-215NKHE5 solar PV module and a 7.5% increase in efficiency over and above the 17.3% in the HIT-240HDE4 solar PV module, both of which have a high market penetration in Europe, SANYO says.

The new N Series solar PV modules will be produced at SANYO’s factory in Hungary, which is currently undergoing an expansion with capacity to be increased to 315 MW within this fiscal year.

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