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Scottish Water joins ITM Power onsite hydrogen vehicle refuelling trials

In the UK, Scottish Water is to participate in the Hydrogen On Site Trials (HOST) of ITM Power’s Transportable Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HFuel). The high-pressure system will be used to refuel two Revolve Technologies hydrogen Ford Transit vehicles for use in Scottish Water operations.

The ITM Power HOST program will begin in 2011, and comprises the operation and refuelling of two Revolve Technologies hydrogen internal combustion engine (HICE) Ford Transit vehicles. Hydrogen will be produced onsite at the point of use, at sites operated by participating companies and in the Gateway to London development area.

Scottish Water joins DHL Supply Chain, London Stansted Airport, the Forestry Commission, Sheffield City Council, and the London Borough of Camden who have recently joined the ITM Power program.

HOST provides each partner with a one-week free trial of HFuel and two Revolve HICE Ford Transit vehicles, and an option to lease both HFuel and vehicles for additional weeks. The demonstrations are 100% managed and operated by ITM Power personnel in liaison with site owners’ operations and management.

Joining HOST will enable Scottish Water to analyze the suitability of using hydrogen to decarbonize a sizable fleet of 1500 vehicles, which travel the breadth of the country on a ‘return-to-base’ principle.

ITM Power is holding an Open Day at its facility in Sheffield on Wednesday 15 September, which will also include the launch of the Transportable Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HFuel).

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