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Masdar solar thin-film solar modules in Indian villages

Masdar PV is supplying silicon-based thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV) modules for 10 villages in India.

Project developer MAG will construct villages under the aspect of sustainability allowing “access to a regular electricity supply based on renewable energy sources,” using thin-film solar PV modules from Masdar PV.

Ten initial projects will be implemented over the coming year and if successful, each village will be able to take around 3000 people.

The thin-film solar PV modules from Masdar PV will be installed on rooftops. In addition, a biogas generator is on site will use fermented organic waste from the housing settlement as fuel.

“India has major problems in providing a regular energy supply for the population – especially in the outskirts of its mega-cities. It is not uncommon for households to be without electricity for 8 to 10 hours a day,” says Yogesh Sachdeva, Managing Director of IG Solar, contract partner with Masdar PV.

This is the second solar project to be implemented in India by Masdar PV within the past two months using Masdar PV modules.

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