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Scottish 138 MW onshore wind farm begins operation

Fred.Olsen Renewables has commissioned the 138 MW Crystal Rig II wind farm in Scotland - making Crystal Rig one of the largest onshore wind farms in the UK

Crystal Rig II wind farm consists of 60 Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbines representing a total capacity of 138 MW. The wind farm, close to the town of Dunbar, constitutes almost 10% of Scotland’s operational wind capacity (as of August 2010).

Torger Lien, CEO of Fred.Olsen Renewables says: “Crystal Rig Wind Farm shows just how far we have come from the 20 turbines which commenced operation in 2003, an additional five turbines in 2007, through to this latest phase which sees a further 60 turbines installed making the site one of the largest in the UK. We are very keen to support Scotland’s contribution to the UK’s renewables target and also build on the success of Crystal Rig across our developments sites also in Scandinavia.”

The site takes Fred.Olsen Renewables wind portfolio up to 315 MW making it the country’s largest non-utility based developer.

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