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Sweden's largest onshore wind farm

Nordisk Vindkraft and HgCapital have inaugurated Havsnäs Wind Farm, located north of Strömsund in the County of Jämtland, Sweden.

As production begins on the three hills, Ritjelsberget (21 wind turbines), Järvsand (16 wind turbines) and Ursåsen (11 wind turbines) - totalling 95.4 MW - Nordisk Vindkraft and HgCapital hope to meet the needs of approximately 50,000 households every year.

Arne Lorenzen, Nordisk Vindkraft’s CEO welcomes, “ambitious national targets but [I] also have to stress the need for a stable and predictable regulatory framework for the Swedish market to maintain developer and investor confidence and allow the wind power potential and its benefits to be fully realised.”

The wind farm is 75% owned by HgCapital and 25% by Nordisk Vindkraft, leasing the land from local landowners and SCA. The site and wind farm operation is managed by Nordisk Vindkraft.

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