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Danfoss with solar PV design tool

The solar photovoltaic (PV) design tool from Danfoss Solar Inverters, the LynxPlanner 1.0 is based on the coming PV*Express 4.0 platform from Valentin.

Drawing on a database of solar PV modules, updated by the module manufacturers and 1400 meteorological points of observation, the LynxPlanner can make proposition to system layout.

The solar PV module database also includes thin-film modules, and should a module lack it is possible to enter module data manually.

In addition, new features are incorporated such as the opportunity to sketch in the area available, including obstacles.

LynxPlanner also takes inverter string configuration flexibility as well as different shading scenarios into consideration.

Yield calculations

By entering the tilt angle and orientation and because the meteorological data is available, the tool can subsequently provide expected yield estimations for solar PV systems.

New features include:

  • Support of thin-film modules
  • Module database updated directly by module manufactures (Valentin database)
  • Free sketch of roof top area
  • Yield prognosis


Danfoss has also announced the TripleLynx Pro with built-in monitoring, master inverter and ethernet functionality.

The TripleLynx Pro integrates communication and data logging functions in the inverter.

The integrated web server makes it possible to view settings and log information without installing additional software or hardware devices. The inverters in the systems can be set up quickly and easily by connecting any PC directly to the TripleLynx Pro.

Status information and settings of the entire network can be reviewed. Web access also makes it possible to replicate system settings, set messaging requirements and export logged data directly to a PC or an external web portal.

By defining one inverter as the master, system configuration is faster and more efficient, as only one inverter needs to be configured, Danfoss says.

The master inverter can be configured to send daily yield reports of the entire site as well as alarms via e-mail or SMS.

TripleLynx Pro will be available from 1 January 2011.

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