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Intersolar: Bosch Solar Energy combines thin-film modules with mounting systems

Bosch Solar Energy presented three products focusing on combining mounting systems and micromorphous thin-film solar modules at Intersolar in Munich, Germany, on 9-11 June.

According to Bosch Solar Energy, the slide-in system enables “the rapid and safe installation of the frameless thin-film solar modules.” The system uses tracks instead of the usual clamps, and the solar photovoltaic (PV) modules are simply inserted into the guide pieces and fastened instantly – cutting the installation time in half to 15 seconds per module.

As installation brackets and clamps are no longer required, material costs are also reduced by about 40%, Bosch Solar Energy says.

The second product is the framed micromorphous thin-film solar module Bosch Solar Module µm-Si frame. In contrast to the otherwise standard glass-glass thin-film solar modules, the frame enables an assembly similar to crystalline PV modules with glass-foil-laminate.

This makes the framed thin-film solar module considerably lighter than conventional thin-film modules of its size, weighing only 17 kg, Bosch Solar Energy says.

Finally, Bosch Solar Energy presented a thin-film solar module based on CIS technology for the first time: the CIS thin-film solar module Bosch Solar Module CIS and the Bosch Solar Module CIS frame, weighing just 10.5 kg. The CIS solar modules can also be installed with transformerless inverters.

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