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Moog supplies pitch control for offshore wind turbines

Moog Industrial Group will supply REpower Systems AG with electric blade pitch control systems for the RWE Innogy Nordsee Ost 1 offshore wind farm.

REpower will supply 48 offshore wind turbines in 2011, each with Moog pitch control systems, to RWE Innogy GmbH to construct Nordsee Ost. Nordsee Ost (North Sea East) offshore wind farm.

It is the first project under a framework agreement concluded between REpower and RWE Innogy in February 2009 for the delivery of up to 250 offshore 5 MW and 6 MW offshore wind turbines.

The offshore wind farm will be approximately 40 km offshore from the German island of Juist.

Moog’s blade pitch control system monitors and adjusts the inclination angle of the rotor blades and thus controls the rotation speed of the blades. Moog’s Pitch Systems consist of robust control boxes containing servo drives, called PITCHmaster® II, pitch drive motors; optional battery management systems; a control system including software for remote diagnostics and back-up power.

If the wind turbine loses electrical power, then the pitch system puts the turbine blades off-wind into a safe operating mode that protects the wind turbine from damage. Moog’s system also adjusts the turbine’s blades into the wind at the best angle.

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