Solar heating and cooling News for April 2009

Solar heating and cooling News Archive

Tough times for wind energy whereas solar power is rising in 2009

The year ahead will be tough for wind energy whereas solar power will experience an uptick in 2009, according to analyst Emerging Energy Research (EER).

Intel tops list of USA green power purchasers

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a list of the USA’s top green power purchasers.

Renewable Energy Focus to twitter

Renewable Energy Focus has now joined the twitter network...

Renewable Power Solutions awarded solar apprenticeship programme

Renewable Power Solutions, a provider of solar energy installation services, has been awarded the first exclusively solar apprenticeship programme by the State of California.

Students scoop building award with system that uses hydrogen and renewables

The Hydrogen Education Foundation, part of the National Hydrogen Association, has announced the winners of the 2008-09 Hydrogen Student Design Contest.