Microgrids: Benefits and Case Studies

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This White Paper from Schneider Electric explores the benefits that microgrids can provide, and profiles examples of relevant microgrid projects.

Power Outages due to severe weather events are increasing in some regions.

For example in August 2003, a widespread blackout caused an estimated 55 million people to lose power across the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. Many more were affected by the world's biggest power failure in India, in 2012, which left half of the country without electricity. Soon after, Hurricane Sandy lashed the eastern U.S., cutting power to around 8 million customers.

Microgrids can provide an element of protection from such dramatic weather events in several ways:

  • Energy Reliability - Achieiving resiliency through the microgrid's ability to island itself from the main grid and be self sufficient;
  • Energy Accessibility - Accessing energy at a reasonable cost when the main grid is not accessible;
  • Energy Independence - Reducing fossil fuel consumption by integrating more renewable generation;
  • Energy cost optimization - Utilizing energy flexibility to optimize energy mix and grid balancing.

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