7 for 2017: Global Energy Market Trends

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This paper, authored by Schneider Electric, explores a few of the key global trends influencing the energy landscape, which will make 2017 an interesting year.

The global energy landscape continues to evolve, sometimes by the nanosecond.

This level of complexity makes it increasingly difficult for organizations to anticipate and react to the variables that will have the greatest impact on their business. Within those same companies, these impacts are likely to be felt across multiple departments by multiple stakeholders across multiple geographies.

In today’s multinational corporations, energy affects not only energy managers and procurement professionals, but also sustainability officers, finance directors, and even public relations teams.

A clear view of the market everywhere your organization has an operational footprint is critical to the way you purchase, use and track energy.

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1. Where will renewable energy grow in 2017?
2. Permian Shale takes on OPEC
3. The Continued Rise of Corporate PPAs
4. The Convergence of Efficiency, Supply and Demand Decision-Making
5. Expanding LNG Market Signals New Global Price Relationships
6. Political and Policy Changes and the Energy Implications: Part 1 (What won’t change.)
7. Political and Policy Changes and the Energy Implications: Part 2 (What will change.)

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