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See LM Glasfiber’s impressive 61.5 m wind turbine blade being transported to COP15!

The world's longest wind turbine blade – 61.5 m – traveled to be displayed at COP15 in Copenhagen in December last weekend. LM Glasfiber has released a video showing the enormity of the wind turbine blade.

LM Glasfiber says that “Wind power works!” is one of the strong arguments from the wind industry at the COP15 conference in December, and LM Gasfiber’s 61.5 m wind turbine blade, LM 61.5 P, will serve as a physical symbol at the climate change conference.

LM Glasfiber has released a video of the enormous wind turbine blade being transported on Danish roads.

The LM 61.5 P wind turbine blade was developed as a prototype in 2004. Today, the 18.8 tonne wind turbine blade is mass-produced by LM Glasfiber's factory in Lunderskov, near Kolding in Denmark.

The blade is developed mainly for offshore projects and is installed in wind farms off the coast of Germany, Scotland and Belgium.

The 61.5 m wind turbine blades are already in operation on REPower’s 5 MW offshore wind turbines at the alpha ventus offshore wind farm outside Germany.

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