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World Wind Energy Award 2010 to IRENA founders

The World Wind Energy Award 2010 has been awarded to the founding member states of the International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA at the 9th World Wind Energy Conference 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The award was given by the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) to IRENA’s Interim Director General Ms Hélène Pelosse on behalf of the IRENA founding states.

The World Wind Energy Award was given in recognition of the founding of IRENA, which “can be seen as the most important decision ever taken on the global level in favour of renewable energy.”

WWEA says that the founding of IRENA “sent out a very strong signal to the world community that renewable energy will have to play and will play a key role in the future energy supply all over the world.”

IRENA has already 145 members and the ratification is progressing with 25 ratifications now in place, which will make IRENA a legal entity by beginning of July.

IRENA was officially launched by the Governments of Germany, Denmark and Spain in 2008.

World Wind Energy Award

The World Wind Energy Award is an award given once every year to personalities and organisations who have contributed extraordinarily to the worldwide proliferation of wind energy utilisation.

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